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Mixed Media on stretched canvas, ready to hang.

Signed with a certificate of authenticity.

This artwork is produced under the Australian South Asian Centre . Our work supports and celebrates life, empowerment of women and thriving South Asian culture.
Our work is created in the soul house gallery nestled amongst gardens by Australia’s most influential landscape designers – Edna Walling and is the former “fairytale cottage” of Paul Jennings author of Around The Twist.

This space was once also a women’s refuge and now is Australia’s first dedicated wellness space for Indian, Pakistani and South Asian women and includes an active artist’s community.

'East Australian Current' celebrates the abundant marine life found in our Australian waters, and features a Green Sea Turtle. Symbolic of longevity, peace,wisdom, and emotional strength; sea turtles are fitting spiritual guides for Soul House residents. E. A. C also features yellow tangs, moorish idol fish, tomato clownfish and soft corals.

Size: 100cm x 120cm

Illustration by Avneet Singh