About us

Art is like a journey of life,
unique and one of a kind

Welcome and thank you for joining my art journey.

Art carries us, it lifts us, it brings us closer to ourselves and that is what art has been for me. I practice art as a form of therapy, to reconnect with myself, to understand myself better, to enjoy and admire the beauty of nature more closely and to let go of my emotions and feelings on blank canvas in front of me. 

Creativity has always been my rescuer to unknot the tangles of life.

Playing with different mediums in the loneliness of empty house, I fell in love with abstract and free flow just like life itself. 

Singing poetry in mind while pouring away paints and inks on canvas, I started this brand "Art by Priyanka". My aim was simple; to add more joy and happiness, and of course colours to this world. I wanted to give my clients a chance and a space to own a piece of artwork as affordable as a set of coasters, to a show stopper wall art.

My artworks are mostly inspired by various elements of freedom.
The free flow of wind; sometimes calm and soothing or that storm and dark skies.
The free flow of water; the quiet splashes and folds of waves at the shore or the depth of ocean.
The freedom of nature; home of all creatures, flora and fauna.

All of my artworks are handmade infused with love, care and lots of thinking and planning. Each of them are made with quality products and are unique in its own way.
I hope each art piece that you choose to take home will give you the same joy and happiness as it does to me while creating.