Preserve your special moments

Let's preserve your special moments forever and make a keep safe. 

I really don't like the face that flowers die after witnessing those special moments of our lives and become a memory, but now we can keep them forever with us. And every time we will look at those flowers, they will remind us the sweet memories. 

Method of preserving flowers

I practice flower preservation in high grade Australian brand epoxy resin.

Resin has an aesthetic of glass. It looks like a glass after curing however its more stronger and had quality of non-breakable like plastic. (unless you drop the it on on hard floor)

Flower preservation takes about a week. The sooner you get your flowers to me, the better and fresh the flowers will look after drying and preserving in resin. 

There are couple of preservation style options to choose from

Fully submerged

A block of resin with your flowers. about 5-6cm height

3D style (my favourite)

The most unique style of preservation, where you can touch the flowers and no they won't break or die. They will remain same forever. 2-3cm height

Preservation shapes

There are two shapes available:

  • square - 20cm x 20cm 
  • round - 23 cm diameter.

Please keep in mind resin enhances the colour contrasts, therefore any object after placing in resin will look darker in colour.

Hence, red and pink roses changes colour towards burgundy and purple colour. Similarly, white has a tendency of becoming light cream colour.

If you have any more questions regarding the preservation, feel free to shoot me a message.

Can't wait to preserve your special moments.